Guaranteed Satisfaction


Elite Electric Service are a company that is dedicated in handling any kind of electrical work. We can deal with anything that has something to do with electricity. We are dedicated in handling our job well. We are manned to make sure that no one will be neglected. We want everyone to have an adequate amount of help that they need right on time. It is so hard to be in a situation where you need to wait for help to come. We do not want anyone to be in that situation again. This is one of the reasons why we are here in the business. We tried so hard to keep up our name to be sure that we will be able to give the help that our clients need.

We have electricians on duty 24/7. They work on different shifts. That is to be sure that no one will be neglected. Everyone will be given a fair treatment and will be attended too accordingly. We offer various services. Electric Service Glendale can help you with residential electricity needs that you may have. We can also handle commercial and industrial problems that may arise. Short circuit or tripping off of the electricity is a normal problem that everyone is just facing nowadays. It will be so hard to be in this situation and there is no one to help you out. We will be there for you. All you need to do is to call us and book for a visit. Our staffs will attend to your needs right away.

Electric Meters – Installation & Rebuild

No job is too large, small or difficult. We wire anything electrical.

With our team of professionals, we know how to service most any electrical need you may have. We install commercial, industrial, residential and high voltage utility work.


It will be a pleasure on our part to be of help to all of you. I know that there is nothing that we cannot do for you when it comes to electricity problems that you may have. We have professionals employed to help you with your home rewiring needs regardless if it must be done in the basement. Elite Electric Service can make your dream house come to life if you are planning to do a home remodeling. Adding up a new design or a new appliance will not be a problem for us. Just let us know how we can help you.