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New homes today are lucky to have their basements taken care of and designed to be beautiful living spaces. This was not the case in the past. For those who owns houses that were built in 1980 and below, you need to go through a home rewiring. That is to make your electricity conform to the standard code mandated by the law. Who could ever think that a basement is just meant for a laundry space or for your garage or barn? It can also be a part of the house where the whole family can gather for an entertaining night? Yes, with the best electrical plan, you can make it an entertainment area.

We have lots of opponents. There are lots of companies out there offering their services at an affordable rate. But most of their services are limited to rewiring and centered for residential and commercial establishments only. If you will roll your eyes around the web, you will be amazed by the limited offer the other firms have. But in our company, we employ workers who are flexible enough to handle the pressure related to the nature of our job. We can help those in a residential community, commercial establishments, those who are having problems with emergency cases should not worry. We will work to solve any untoward incident with you.


We can install a more robust system, with a new circuit breaker panel and overload protection.


We can fix switches, outlets so, we can troubleshoot & locate the problems are occurring.

The basement wiring is one of the many things that owners face. Some electricians do not want to handle this concern, because the task is hard and risky. If you will check the internet, you will find the basements of the old houses and buildings before risky and scary. But nowadays, the basements of every home are just something to envy about. Most homeowners strive hard to make their basement an inviting place to stay at. It is one of the best living spaces in their house. You too can achieve this if you will have your basement rewired before a remodeling. That was just the best thing to do to get started in improving it.

But for the rest of the people, the houses that were build overran era ago is just a dilemma. They were just made to keep the barn, do the laundry, storage of things that were not in use. Some made it an area for hot water heater and some just put a work bench in there. It will be a perfect space for an entertainment area. You can have a home theater there and a small bar where you and your friends can have a small party. We can help you have a game room in that part of the house, so your kids can play and stay there. They will be safe there instead of playing outside of the house. We can help you install a wine cellar there too. It can also be a home office where you can have a safe and noise free environment while working. It may also be a guest room. We can help you improve this part of the house with the help of our local electricians.


We are experts in designing and installing entire electrical systems for your house.


We can add additional switches & outlets, install new under-cabinet lighting, set up new wiring.